Semester 2, 2018

Commercial Law Complete Notes

90 pages

27,827 words




These notes are very detailed and easy to understand. It is a mix of lecture notes as well as components from the textbook. It had help me through the mid-semester test as well as the finals. Diagrams from the textbook are provided to explain certain theories. These notes got me a Distinction for this unit

The topics are:
1. Business and the Law
2. Australian Legal System
3. Deliberately Causing Harm
4. Carelessly Causing Harm
5. Contract Law: Formation of Contract
6. Contract Law: Terms of the Contract
7. Contract Law: Capacity, Legality, Consent
8. Contract Law: Remedies and Ending a Contract
9. Dealing with Consumers: General Protections
10. Dealing with Consumers: Specific Protections
11. Managing a Business: Start-up




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