Modules included: Module 3 Antigen Recognition by T Cells AND Module 4 Development and Selection of T and B Cell Repertoires (Modules 5-6 are in the sample notes. Modules 1-2 are separate. If you want to buy only one set of cards, I recommend buying modules 3-4 as it has the most difficult topics in it.) Lecturer: Alejandro Lopez Topics included: the production of MHC I and II, MHC polymorphism, Cross-presentation/ cross-priming, NOTCH-1, full development of T-cells with a short summary, positive and negative selection of T-cells with a short summary, regulatory CD4 T-cells, development of B-cells, heavy chain rearrangement of B-cells, allelic exclusion in B-cells, light chain rearrangement of B-cells, checkpoints of the B cell development, short summary of the B-cell development, central tolerance and peripheral tolerance of B and T-cells Book used: The immune system by Parham, Peter 2015 Design: All cards were designed during the study week/ just before the final exam. So, they contain information that I thought is important for the final exam. These notes have figures and text from the book, so it is ideal for use as a revision material before your exam. Includes the topics discussed during tutorials. THESE NOTES ARE SEPARATE FROM THE LECTURE SLIDES. Please be aware that these notes/cards do not contain what Alejando tells during the lectures but rather contain extra information (book) that was useful for me to revise what we have done in our tutorials. You still need lecture slides and case studies to get a good grade. However, these are really good notes and they helped me A LOT to get a 6. How to use these cards: Basically, you just need to print the cards on BOTH SIDES and cut them. You should end up with double-sided cards that you can later put in order and use for a revision.


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