Semester 2, 2018

H1 (91) Complete Notes for Frontiers for Biomedicine

63 pages

25,213 words




All topics for Frontiers included to great detail!
1 - Metabolic Syndrome
2 - Stem Cells
3 - Respiratory
4 - Mental Health (new for 2018 onwards)

Last semester of Biomed? Finish on a massive high ( a high H1) where these notes can help you grasp the ‘big-picture’ ideas and concepts that the coordinators want you to understand. Help yourself by not wasting time writing endless notes and spend time revising and writing (as examinations are written questions!).

The use of LEARNING OBJECTIVES as subheadings in my notes allow you to focus on what each lecture and lecturer wants you to get out of it categorising the information easily so that you are able to understand them better! These are effectively what they will ask on the exam.

Includes visual aids particularly important for visual learning and memorisation!

These notes will also help you with your other assessments and not just the MST and the exam, including the respiratory practical and writing for your audience etc.