Semester 2, 2018

H1 (92) Notes for Complex Functions in Neuroscience

37 pages

14,862 words




All lectures and topics included to great detail!
1 - Form and Function
2 - Cognition (absolutely nail Peter Kitchener’s abstract content here)
3 - Pain (probably the most 'painless' section in my notes)
4 - Also includes research lectures that can enhance your essay responses in the final exam!

For at times a hard subject conceptually you need up to date, easy to read and aesthetically pleasing notes - with ALL lectures included to great depth with accompanying visual aids. The exam consisted of multiple essay-writing meaning you will need to know everything like the back of your hand, so focus on memorising and linking concepts with already made notes! Get the H1 you deserve and perhaps even beat my 92!

Includes visual aids particularly important for the pain lectures.