Semester 2, 2018

BIOL214 Lecture Summaries

80 pages

16,908 words



Covered in notes: The generation and storage of metabolic energy. The major catabolic pathways. The biosynthesis of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleotides. The regulation of enzymes and of metabolic pathways and their role in cellular function. The integration of metabolism including metabolic disorders.
These notes will help you to cover the course outcomes as follows;
1. Identify the major biochemical processes that generate and utilise free energy in animals and plants and explain how some of these are regulated and integrated, recognising how chemical free energy is stored;
2. Compare anabolic (biosynthetic) and catabolic (degradative) metabolic pathways and recognise their significance in providing biochemical building blocks and energy, respectively;
3. Understand the principles involved in the control of metabolism;
4. Appreciate the historical process that led to this body of knowledge and identify methods used;
5. Relate metabolic processes to the functioning of whole organisms.




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