Autumn session, 2018

Distinction Notes - Criminal Law & Procedure!

40 pages

10,000 words




2018 UTS Criminal Law & Procedure Notes.

These notes are extensive and cover all topics EXCEPT for assault, battery & AOABH. I received a distinction in this course, and these notes are extremely helpful for answering problem questions, as the notes follow a problem question structure. Included are also introduction & conclusion templates for optimal marks.

Topics Included:
-Temporal Coincidence
-Sexual Assault
-Extreme Provocation
-Substantial Impairment of the Mind
-Involuntary Manslaughter by Unlawful and Dangerous Act
-Assault Causing Death
-Involuntary Manslaughter by Negligent Manslaughter Act
-Involuntary Manslaughter by Negligent Manslaughter Omission
-Joint Crim Enterprise
-Principal in the 2nd Degree
-Common Purpose
-Innocent Agency