My notes are not only organized and of high quality (I achieved 85/100 overall); they are also illustrated with graphs and examples as well as colour-coded. For this particular note, I chose green to symbolize a new sub-topic, purple to link content between the weeks, and red to bring awareness of important details.

This note comprises the entire 12 weeks of lectures as well as additional content from both university and external tutorials.

The prescribed textbook for this semester was: Bodie, Z., Drew, , Basu, A., Kane, A. and Marcus, , Principles of Investments, McGraw Hill Irwin, 2013.

List of topics covered: risk aversions, optimal portfolio, CAPM, single index models, Arbitrage Pricing Theory, multi-factor models, portfolio performance allocation, fixed income valuation, coupon bonds, term structure models, bond risks, floating rate notes, and managing fixed income portfolios.


Semester 1, 2018

29 pages

5,572 words



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