Semester 1, 2018

BUSS6000 Succeeding in Business - Final Exam Notes

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Strongly recommend these notes which include EVERY key knowledge in Buss6000. They are also well structured. Extremely helpful to prepare for the FINAL exams (You can take these notes into exam. Take it and you will not need other learning materials ^^)

* the notes contain the key contents in lecture notes; contain a little bit Chinese (the Chinese content is not important, just for easy understanding)

* List of topics covered:
1 External Environment- 6 Megatrends; Evolving business models; PESTLE; Porter’s five forces; Ansoff Matrix
2 Internal Analysis- Value chain; VRIO
3 Strategy- Porter’s generic strategies; Value discipline ; SWOT; growth& stable & renewable strategies; Growth Horizons Model etc.
4 Organising for strategic success- structure, systems, culture
5 Business ethics
6 Entrepreneurship
7 Leadership
8 Team
9 Others: Case Studies; Exam Tips




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