Semester 2, 2018

VSC115 Notes

118 pages

18,485 words




Notes for the entire semester of VSC115.

Topics include:
-Types of pastures in Australia
-Establishing a pasture
-Pasture growth and development
-Nutritive values of pastures
-Fodder conservation
-Managing grazing livestock
-Introduction to Economics
-Production, income and costs
-Decision Analysis
-Introduction to Veterinary Health Economics
-Partial Budgets
-Analysing a Farm Business

Learning outcomes include:
-be able to discuss how to inspect and manage -pastures growing on farms in southern Australia;
-be able to describe the major pasture species and nutritive value of these pastures for grazing livestock;
-be able to discuss the relationship between stocking rate and profit from grazing enterprises;
-be able to describe and justify the use of economic tools to evaluate farming and veterinary health interventions and strategies;
-be able to review and interpret financial statements, budgets and reports;
-be able to review and communicate information within the scientific literature; and
-be able to demonstrate collaboration with their peers.




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