Semester 2, 2018

Extremely High Quality Land Law Exam Notes

98 pages

65,203 words



These notes are comprised of materials derived from the textbook, lectures/slides, study guide, tutorial questions and exam questions/answer guides.

Each overall topic contains an easy to follow road-map at the beginning to aid in pinpointing issues in an exam style situation, allowing structured and simple to follow answers.

Topics Include -
Introduction: General Law Land and Priority Rules

Torrens System:
- Indefeasibility
- Statutory Exceptions to Indefeasibility: Fraud, Erroneous Description and Prior Certificate of Title
- Non-Statutory Exceptions to Indefeasibility: Inconsistent Legislation, In Personam Exception, Volunteers,
- Registrar's Power to Correct Errors
- State Guarantee of Title

Unregistered Interests:
- Unregistered Interests and Priority Rules
- Caveat System

- Types & Creation of Co-Ownership
- Duties of Co-Owners
- Severance of Co-Ownership




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