Semester 1, 2018

VSC110 Notes

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Notes from the entire semester of VSC110.

Topics include:
-An introduction to the subject and its relationship to the courses being studied
-An overview of animal production in Australia and worldwide and the veterinary role in animal health and welfare and human safety.
-An introduction to animal nutrition, particularly the role of pasture as a nutritional source for ruminants.
-Each of the major farm animal industries and the production systems used in Australia; for beef and dairy cattle, wool and meat sheep, pigs, poultry and aquaculture. For each farm animal species and production system, there will be an examination of the financial structure, contribution of genetics, production, health and reproductive management and the role of the professional advisers including veterinarians.
-Human interaction with farm animals; handling, behaviour, facility design and operation, safety for man and beast and stockmanship.

Learning objectives include:
-be able to describe an animal production system at a basic level in terms of: nutritional and environmental requirements, husbandry procedures, breeding, disease management, genetics and welfare;
-be able to describe and analyse the key issues in relation to the livestock industries globally including supply, demand, and environmental impacts;
-be able to recognise the common breeds of animals used in farm animal production and describe their characteristics;
-be able to confidently, competently and safely handle cattle and sheep and carry out a basic health assessment;
-be able to outline the characteristics of a simple handling facility appropriate for each production animal species;
-be able to describe the role of the veterinary profession in providing services to each industry; and
be able to explain how animal welfare is defined and assessed.




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