Semester 1, 2018

Comprehensive WORK3202 Notes

24 pages

6,278 words




Notes cover the entire subject; lectures, tutorials & readings. Set out under weekly topics providing a succinct outline of key points.

Logically set out with use of diagrams making it convenient to zero in on specifics or scan through the pages for an overall impression of the course.

The layout is especially useful in the open book exam because you can quickly find specific topics and use the exercises as examples. In addition, the final page of diagrams is good to have in front of you throughout the exam as a general overview of the course structure.

Topic List:
- Self-Leadership
- Classical Approaches to Leadership
- Contemporary Approaches to Leadership
- Leadership and Communication
- Leadership, Mindfulness & Resilience
- Leadership and Teams
- Leadership and Complex Problems
- Leadership, Decision-making and Ethics
- Leadership and Diversity




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