Semester 2, 2017

Comprehensive GOVT3988 Notes

30 pages

11,361 words




Notes cover the entire subject; lectures, tutorials & all set readings from Semester 2, 2017. The reading summaries provide a simple overview, argument and critique of each reading which is covered in the final exam. Summaries each topic area with definitions of key terms to provide a succinct outline of key points.

Logically set out with colour coded headings making it convenient to zero in on specifics or scan through the pages for an overall impression of the course.

Topic List:
- Introduction
- Issues, Concepts & Approaches
- Four Major Dimensions of Globalisation
- Economic & Political Globalisation - Power to the Market, The State and Globalisation & Global Development
- Cultural Globalisation - Cultural Diversity, divides, global culture & global civil society
- Political and Military Globalisation - Military Security and the state, the global commons (climate change + environmental degradation)
- Conclusion - global governance for a global era?




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