These notes include notes from the textbook in consolidation with lecture and class notes and further research and readings. All relevant legislative provisions have been included under each relevant heading and have been identified in green font (for ease of reference). ** There are over 60 pages worth of notes for the topic of Directors Duties alone. Price is set at $59 as there is over 72,000 words and over 120 pages worth of content (with narrow margins). Includes the following topics (ALL TOPICS AND CONTENT AS OUTLINED IN THE UOS): • What is a company? • Administration of Australian companies • Why form a company? • How do you form a company? • The doctrine of corporate personality • Separate corporate personality and limited liability • Piercing the veil of incorporation • What is a corporate constitution? • Alteration of the corporate constitution • Effect of the corporate constitution • Executive directors’ service contracts • Division of power between the corporate organs • General meeting (overview) • Board of directors (overview) • Capacity of the corporation • Authority of organs and agents • Breach of duty • Directors’ Duties • To whom is the duty owed? • Members’ Rights and Remedies • Member actions • Statutory protection for minorities  


Semester 2, 2018

117 pages

72,000 words



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