Semester 1, 2018

HD BUSS1040 course notes

37 pages

10,419 words




Extensive notes organised using learning outcomes given in lectures.

I compiled these throughout the semester using lecture slides, lecturer comments, all readings, homework questions and information given in tutorials.

All the important information for the mid semester and final exams. Topics in my notes according to the week they were taught
1. Key concepts and comparative advantage
2. Firm behaviour - Production, costs and supply
3. Consumer behaviour - Demand, market equilibrium, welfare
4. Elasticity, perfectly competitive markets
5. Monopoly and market power
6. Price discrimination and monopolistic competition
7 and 8. Strategic interaction and business strategy
9. Market interventions - Price regulation, taxes, subsidies
10. Market failures - externalities and public goods
11. GDP and business cycles
12. Unemployment and inflation
13. Fiscal and monetary policy