Using these notes I achieved a mark of 86.

Very extensive finance notes, going through all course concepts and formulas required. Notes gathered from lecture notes, textbook, past exam questions and tute questions and only relevant topics are included.
Everything you need to know to get high marks!

1. Introduction to investing and valuation
2. Introduction to financial statements
3. How financial statements are used in valuation
4. Cash accounting, accrual accounting and DCF valuation
5. Accrual accounting and valuation
6. Valuation and active investing
7. Viewing the business through the financial statements
8. Analysis of the statement of shareholder's equity
9. Analysis of the balance sheet and income statement
10. Analysis of the statement of cash flows
11. Analysis of the quality of financial statements
12. Analysis of profitability
13. Analysis of growth and earnings
14. Forecasting and valuations
16. Natural resource valuation
17. Multinational firms and operations


Semester 1, 2018

68 pages

30,000 words



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