Semester 2, 2018

Summary of Consumer Law

33 pages

5,487 words




Consumer law 4 page (2 pages double sided) summary + relevant unannotated legislation.

Summary contains references to page numbers of legislation (yellow) for quick access. Mini summary of cases in green.

NOTE: In the sample, the first page is a sample of one of the four pages of notes. The second page is a sample of the relevant unannotated legislation. This legislation has page numbers which relate to page number references in the summary. This allows you to examine provisions of legislation in the exam if necessary.

Headers for easy navigation.

Covers topics including:
• Preliminary matters (you should address these for a HD, does the Act apply, corporations, crown immunity);
• Misleading and deceptive conduct (trade or commerce, class of consumers, misleading or deceptive conduct and its categories (comparative ads, character ads, contractual promises, representations to future matters, opinions and predictions, silence or failure to act), exclusion clauses);
• Unconscionable conduct (statutory and at common law);
• Unfair contract terms (consumer or small business contracts ('cnsmr or sml bsn c'), standard form contracts ('std frm c'), unfair terms ('unfair');
• Unsolicited consumer agreements (is it a UCA, consequences, rights and obligations on termination);
• Consumer guarantees (goods and services);
• Manufacturer's liability for defective goods (defective goods actions, safety defects, defences, contributory negligence, limitation periods);
• Remedies (manufacturer, suppliers, indemnification, damages for ch 2 or 3 breaches, accessorial liability, injunctions).




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