All Lecture Summaries organised by lecture. In depth with lots of pictures throughout. Covers the following lecture topics: Cell injury Infection Inflammation and Healing Immunity & Abnormal Immune Responses Leukaemia & Lymphatic disorders Neoplasms Structural Abnormalities of the Heart Electrical Abnormalities of the heart Congestive Heart Failure Atherosclerosis & Arterial Disease Respiratory Tract Infections Respiratory Expansion Disorders, Distress Syndrome & Failure Diabetes Musculoskeletal Disorders Liver and Pancreatic Disorders Urinary Tract Infections & Inflammation Urinary Tract Obstructions and Vascular Disorders Renal Failure Acute Neurological Disorder Vascular Disorders of the Brain Dysfunctional Pain Chronic CNS disorders Dementia Disorders of Mood and Thought


Semester 1, 2017

101 pages

25,316 words



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