Semester 2, 2017

IMM2022 Notes (HD)

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Hey guys,

If you've checked out my other notes - you know the drill. If not, welcome!

These notes cover all 11 lectures of the semester (each 'lecture' is a 2hr block of lectures) and each examinable theme is in these notes! They are colour coded to help block info, and have a bucketload of snazzy diagrams if you're a visual learner. These notes are great for assignment prep, MST cramming and exam study! I also ranked in the top 10% of the cohort for this unit :).

Good luck with the semester!

Topic List:
Lecture 1 - Hypersensitivities
Lecture 2 - Vaccines
Lecture 3 - Cancer
Lecture 4 - Diet
Lecture 5 -Immunodeficiency and Gene Therapy
Lecture 6 - Infection and Immunity
Lecture 7 - Immunotherapy
Lecture 8 - Transplantation
Lecture 9 - Attraction, Sex and Pregnancy
Lecture 10 - Mental Health
Lecture 11 - Inflammatory Disease




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