Semester 1, 2017

ECOS2004 Money and Banking HD Notes

31 pages

13,940 words




Comprehensive and detailed notes covering all lectures and relevant materials.

- Concise and detailed
- All equations and definitions included
- Detailed graphs
- Achieved HD just from these notes.

1. Why Study Money, Banking and Financial Markets?
Overview of Financial Markets
2. Money and Interest rates
3. Interest rate behaviour, Modern central banking view
4. Risk and term structure of interest rates, Banking and the Management of Financial Institutions
5. Monetary policy and the adoption of inflation targets, Problems with inflation targeting, Lessons from GFC re monetary policy
6. The GFC,
Policy actions in response to the crisis
7. Current Policy Environment
8. The current monetary policy environment: Australia, Sources of financial system risk in Australia
9. The Murray Inquiry into the Australian Financial System
10. Central banks and financial stability policy




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