A large number of pages on a set of notes, is no way indicative of their quality. If you're intending on bringing them into the exam with you, a large set of notes will likely end up freaking you out or being of little use as you struggle to navigate/make sense of them.

This set of notes provides you a comprehensive summary of content that was examinable in the final exam in Summer 2017/18 and is set out in a logical, easy to navigate and accessible way:

- Residency Tests
- Sources of Income (Ordinary and Statutory incl. CGT)
- Deductions (General and Specifically not deductible/Deductible - including calculating depreciation expense)
- Calculating Income Tax Payable

The notes cover content covered in weeks 4,5,6,7,8 and 10.

I have also provided brief summaries on:
- Fringe Benefits
- Tax Accounting (Cash v Accrual)
- Trading Stock
- Small Business Entities

Even though not directly examinable, the other topics often will draw on them.

I have since refined these notes since completing the subject in summer 17/18, having progressed through the taxation module of the CA. So, rest assured, you will be very well prepared for the exam should you study from these notes and subsequently bring them into the exam with you.


Summer session, 2018

16 pages

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