Spring session, 2018

HD TORTS NOTES - all you will need for CP and exam

154 pages

59,055 words




These incredibly detailed notes cover every topic of the semester. They have all the material needed to answer each week's seminar questions, helping you greatly in gaining class participation points.

The notes have compiled a number of sources to be as detailed as possible, including
-The prescribed textbook; Australia Principles of Tort Law 4th edition
-Torts 3rd edition Lexis Neis Study Guide
-Lexis Nexus Questions and Answers: Torts 4th edition
-Each prescribed case note
-Lecture notes
-Past exemplary notes
-My own additional research

These are all you will need to take into the exam, and will allow you to by-pass all weekly readings.

Completely colour coded between cases, legislation and quotes

Amazing and easy to read layout

A bargain of a price