Semester 1, 2018

HIGH H1: Complete Cheatsheet - BLAW20001 subject summary- B&W friendly version

27 pages

7,913 words




All topics covered over the course of the semester in one simple, immediately usable summary. Notes are topical, organised in a neat and concise manner.

Topics covered are:

1. Choice of form of business
2. Companies
3. Shares and Rights (includes Variation of Class Rights, Increasing Share Capital, and Maintenance of Capital)
4. Internal Governance Rules (Including legal effect and Equitable Limitation/Gambotto)
5. Power (including the appointment of Directors and Removal of Directors)
6. Board and Members' meetings
7. Irregularities
8. Contracts
9. Director's Duties
10. Reporting and Disclosure
11. Member's Remedies