All lecture notes and reading notes from weeks 1-12 of the course.

Introduction to International Law
International Law as a Legal System
Subjects of International Law
Defining Subjects and Distinguishing Objects
States as the Primary Subject of International Law
Definition of the State
The Role of Recognition
Principles Protecting Sovereignty
International Organisations as Secondary Subjects
Entities Enjoying a Degree of Legal SUbjectivity
Sources of International Law
Customary International Law
General Principle of Law
Judicial Decisions and Writings of Publicists
Article 38(1) of the ICJ Statute
The Law of Treaties
The Vienna Convention (VCLT)
VCLT vs Customary International Law
The Treaty-Making Process
The Effect, Amendment and Modification of Treaties
Invalidity, Suspension or Termination
State Responsibility
Origin of State Responsibility
Consequences of State Responsibility
Implementation of State Responsibility
Injury to Aliens and Standards of Treatment
Procedural Requirements
Peaceful Settlement of Disputes
Diplomatic Means of Dispute Settlement
Adjudication/Jurisdictional Settlement
The Prohibition on the Threat or Use of Force
Collective Security and Enforcement Measures
Enforcement Measures
The Reception of International Law by Domestic Law
Monism and Dualism
Common Law States
Indirect Influence on the Development of Australian Common Law
Indirect Influence on Domestic Resolution of Legislative Ambiguities
Indirect Influence on Constitutional Interpretation
The Principle of Legitimate Expectation
International Law of Human Rights and Domestic Law
Should International Law Influence Australian Law?


Semester 2, 2017

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