Semester 1, 2018

Modern Architecture - Lecture and Reading Notes

68 pages

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Extremely detailed notes taken over two or more viewings of each lecture, as well as reading summaries and observations. Perfect as a revision tool before exams, offering a complete glossary to refer back to, or just as something to digest during content heavy lectures. The reading summaries and observation are succinct time savers, as well as adding to the lecture content and providing key information for one to answer the online questions. The topics covered are:

1: Introduction: Sources of the Modern Movement, Part I
2: Introduction, Part II
3: Frank Lloyd Wright
4: Dutch Opposites: de Stijl and the Phantasts
5: Futurism & Modernism in Italy,: German Expressionism and Functionalism: Vision Versus Reality: The Dilemma of Soviet Architecture: Le Corbusier: Modern Architecture and the Modern City
9: Bauhaus to Blood & Soil: Humanizing Modernism: Scandinavia, Aalto and Utzon: World War II: Monument and Mobility
12: European Émigrés and the Internationalization of
13: The Evolution of the Skyscraper: Capitalism and Modernism: Postwar USA
15: Britain in the 50s and 60s
16: CIAM and the Team 10 Challenge
17: Modernism in Asia: South Asian Capitals
18: Brasilia: Unique Forms in Unified Space
19: Metabolism and Megastructures: Japan and Europe
20: Postmodernism and Popular Culture
21: Postmodernism and Deconstruction
22: Regionalism
23: Hi-Tech & Neo-Modernism




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