Semester 2, 2018

International Law Notes - MLM785

103 pages

60,244 words




I am a serial note taker, my notes encompass an exhaustive list of cases and examples.

These are the topics covered:

- Introduction to International Law;
- Theories of international law;
- Natural Law perspective/Positivist approach;
- Human Rights and theories of Law;
- The United Nations system;
- The peaceful resolution of disputes;
- International Court of Justice;
- The principle of uti possidetis;
- Genocide;
- Refugee Convention;
- International Law and Municipal (Local) Law;
- Monism/Dualism, Incorporation/Transformation;
- Sources of Public International Law;
- Statehood and Sovereignty over Territory;
- The Law of treaties;
- The Use of Force;
- The Caroline Incident;
- Self Defence in International Law;
- Jurisdiction and Immunities;
- State Responsibility; and
- Private and public international law: connections and differences.




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