This is perhaps the greatest template I have ever created, tailored specifically for Joachim's class. It is 10 pages long. 8 pages are the template itself, 1 page is an equable assignments to visually aid, and the final page is exam tips. This is easy to read, and easy to follow. Methodology: I re-wrote every tutorial and past exam, had them reviewed by Joachim. I then broke each answer down into a simple step-by-step framework. I typed each answer out on word, then compared each answer and found ways to say what needed to be said as succinctly as possible. I then turned those into cohesive skeletons, added the necessary tips and authorities, and the rest is history. *Note: this template was for the postgrad exam. Joachim uses the same exams but I just want to let you know. Topics covered: Equitable assignments: I have broken the equitable assignments portion of the exam to line up with Joachim's study guide (as seen in the sample). There is a separate structure for each assignment that has appeared on Joachim's previous exams . Also included, as a visual aid, is a flowchart that breaks down equitable assignments as well as the elements/authorities for each This chart makes assignments almost instantly comprehendible. The chart and the template are cross-labeled so that you can easily identify where the assignment on the flowchart relates on the template. When you look at the sample of the template and see "(4) Future Property" it appears on the assignment chart as well. Further, this numbers aligned with the study guide Joachim gave us so that you can reference his notes if you need to. Trusts: Much like assignments, I broke down structured answers for every type of trust (fixed, purpose, discretionary, resulting, etc.). With resulting trusts, I simplified the steps and made it so a child could understand. The reason? Under exam conditions, I was always mixing up contribution and legal title. It is laid out in a such a way that you know what you revert to and how and to whom the trust results. Tracing: again, a step by step process with the tracing rules broken down and explained. I provide a tracing chart I used in the exam to make the tracing much more efficient and effortless. Theory question: the last page of the template has a pre-written answer for a theory question on Quistclose Trusts. I have also added a page with a little bit of feedback on the mistakes I made in the final exam as well as some exam tips that helped me utilize the most of my time. ______ I'll be truthful. If you struggle with any of the topics and are tying to understand equity, this is not the template for you. If, however, you understand the course but are struggling on how to structure the layout of your template, this is the template for you. I spent more than 150 hours in the same bloody room in the lower level of the Law Library making this template. I did not see sunlight for about 3 weeks. That room was my home. I survived off a steady diet of dexedrine and Papyrus coffees (so I guess I got a little sunlight on my 4 daily walks to main). If you ventured down there while the law library was undergoing renovations, you saw me. This is what I was doing. Everyday. This template is short and sweet. It is not full of filler. Everything on this template has purpose and meaning. It is designed to take a D to an HD. It is filled with bro tips that elevate you to top of the class contention. The price is a bit steep but trust me (get it? 'trust' me), it is worth it. The amount of time you will save and the stress you will not have to deal with makes the price worth while. In addition to the 8 pages of the template itself, you are receiving a visual assignments flowchart, a tracing chart, as well as tips for the exam and commentary on the mistakes I made. Equity is a difficult course. This template will provide immediate relief. You will not regret it.


Semester 2, 2017

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