Semester 1, 2018

PSYC 347 lecture and additional notes

62 pages

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Complete set of lecture notes with additional notes. Additional notes have been taken from lecture classes and sourced from outside of class. These notes are easy to follow with examples. These notes have been summarised to make it easier to understand whilst not cutting corners in terms of content.
Topic list:
Lecture 1a not included as it is just an assessment outline.
Lecture 1b- Concepts
Lecture 2a and 2b- Ethics and Legislation
Lecture 3a- The initial Interview
Lecture 3b- Characteristics of the Helping Relationship- Therapeutic Alliance.
Lecture 4a- Interviewing Skills
Lecture 4b- Discovering the Origin of the Problem
Lecture 5a- Emotion
Lecture 5b- Consumer and Carer Participation in Care
Lecture 6- Psychological Testing Part 1
Lecture 7- Psychometrics
Lecture 8a- CBT: Overview
Lecture 8b- Cognitive Strategies and Their Applications 1
Lecture 9a- Cognitive Strategies and their Applications 2: Language and Learning new Behaviours
Lecture 9b- Cognitive Strategies and their applications 3: Goals
Lecture 10a- Suicide Assessment and Intervention
Lecture 10b- Psychological Trauma
Lecture 11a- Behavioural Strategies and their Applications- Systematic Desensitization
Lecture 11b- Behavioural Strategies and their Applications- Self Control and Self-Management
Lecture 12a- Group Approaches to Therapy
Lecture 12b- Closing Therapy




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