List of topics covered: - Brief History (Week 1) - Brain and Behaviour (Week 2) - Research Methods in Psychology (Week 3) - Cognitive Development (Week 4) - Social Development (Week 5) - NO LECTURE (Week 6) - Personality (Week 7) - Learning (Week 8) - Social Psychology (Week 9) - Health Psychology (Week 10) - Culture and Psychology (Week 11) - Psychological Disorders (Week 12) Honestly, I only achieved a 5 (about 73%) on my first assessment item and as there was only two pieces of assessment, I knew I had to study hard for the end of semester exam. I compiled this about two or three weeks early and reviewed it whenever I could - on the bus, before bed, etc. (To be fair, I wrote additional flashcards for week 2 content, which I haven't included here) I ended up attaining a 7 for the exam (calculated up to near 90%), and a mark of 83% overall. Also, Quizlet also really helped, so I would recommend going through some of those flashcards as well. I really hope this helps - I wanted to make the price $20 but the minimum is $29, sorry! :( I guess you can look at it as though $30/hr for tutoring is more expensive compared to $30 spent on notes, where you save hours of reading and writing/typing!


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