Semester 1, 2017

Contract Law Problem-Question Answer Scaffold

5 pages

2,210 words




This is the scaffold you need to answer any problem question in Contract Law.
It lists all the essential case law and authorities to support the IRAC structure.
It is separated into three main parts:
1) Terms of the contract
-Express terms
-Implied terms
2) Meaning of the terms
-Steps to determine meanings
-Exclusion clauses
-Privity rule
3) Termination of the contract
-By performance
-By agreement
-By failure of a contingent condition
-For breach of a term
-By repudiation
-By frustration

You go through each step and apply the relevant law to the facts in your problem question, obviously leave out the irrelevant ones (eg if the issue is not about whether the contract is termination by repudiation, then you won't be using this part of the scaffold).




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