Semester 2, 2018

NURS5043 RENAL and CARDIO - Table of Drugs

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These notes contain all the drugs related to the RENAL and CARDIOVASCULAR disease topics for the mid semester exam or can be used for finals (finals are majority these two topics). I achieved 95% on my mid-semester exam.

All drugs include the class, generic names, adverse effects and practice points (and monitoring points if relevant).

- Acute kidney injury
- Chronic kidney disease
- Hypertension
- Dyslipidaemia
- Chronic heart failure
- Coronary heart disease: stable angina (acute, prophylaxis, secondary prevention of CVD)
- Coronary heart disease: STEMI (PCI adjuvants, fibrinolysis, fab-four therapy)
- Atrial fibrillation: rate control and rhythm control

Preview only shows acute kidney injury and half of chronic kidney disease. You can buy my notes that contain all drugs covered for the finals in my other listing.




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