Comprehensive and condensed Equity notes arranged in easy to use format for the final exam with logical steps that will help you resolve problem questions. Includes key cases (facts and decision) with key points to mention during the exam

A total of 6 pages and 10328 words

Covering topics needed for the exam such as:
- Formation of trust (including Quistclose trust)
- Discretionary trust (trust power and mere power)
- Administration of trust (appointment of trustee, removal of trustee, trustee powers and rights, duties, termination of trust)
- Resulting trust (beneficial interest not exhausted, purchase property in another's name, purchase price resulting trust presumption)
- Constructive Trust
- Charitable Trust
- Mixed purpose trust
- Remedies
- Third party liability
- Tracing
- Injunction
- Fiduciary Duties


Semester 2, 2017

6 pages

10,328 words






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