Semester 1, 2017

Business and corporation law

188 pages

59,723 words




Hello Students,

It must be difficult going through the whole Law textbook for finding the relevant answers in an open book exam. Just to reduce the stress I have prepared my own notes which is precise version of each and every chapter covered in the text book. Chapters covered as follow:

1. The context of Australian Corporation law
2. Incorporation process
3. Corporate constitution
4. Corporate governance - Membership/Shareholders
5. Corporate personality
6. Saloman vs Saloman & co ltd
7. Corporate governance - Directors
8. Duties of Directors
9. Share Capital
10. Post incorporation Contract & Dealings with outsiders
11. Loan Capital
12. Receivership
13. Voluntary administration
14. Liquidation (winding up or Death of Company)

In addition to these notes contains each and every relevant Case reference for the exams.

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