Semester 1, 2018

Business Ethics Notes

43 pages

8,469 words




Full course content of 12 weeks including case studies
Lecture 1: Introduction

Lecture 2:CSR
1. Revisiting the shareholder view
2. Defining CSR
3. Broader issues of CSR

Lecture 3: Ethical Reasoning
Traditional Theories
Contemporary Theories

Lecture 4: Ethical decision making
How do we make ethical decisions
1. Ethical decision making model
2. Personal factors affecting ethical decision making
3. Situational factors affecting ethical decision making

Lecture 5:The Ethics of Self-Interest
1. Is greed good? What is the ethical position of egoism
2. Arguments and evidence critiquing the assumption of psychological egoism in academia
The Business case for BE

Lecture 6: Critical Perspectives
1. Critical views of CSR
2. The law
3. New imaginings of the corporation

Lecture 7: Environmental Issues:
1. Identifying environmental issues
2. Climate change
3. Why aren’t we acting?
4. Actions: Mitigation and adaption
5. Sustainable business

Lecture 8: Consumer Issues I
1. Micro Issues
2. Marketers’ and consumers’ rights and responsibilities
3. Power and vulnerability
4. Consumer vulnerability
5. Marketing to children

Lecture 9: Consumer Issues II
1. Criticisms of marketing
2. Criticisms of advertising
3. Advertising regulation
4. Sexualisation in advertising
5. Obesity

Lecture 10: Employee Issues
1. Best places to work: values and purpose
2. Sweatshops and modern slavery
3. Job security
4. Other issues

Lecture 11: Government Issues
1. The business and government relationship
2. Corporate political activity

Lecture 12: Conclusion
1. Practicing business ethics
2. Positioning your personal impact
3. Exam review




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