Semester 1, 2018

BUSS2000 Notes (Summary of Required Readings Included)

48 pages

15,115 words




Notes cover content for entire semester

Topics covered:
* Individual differences: cognitive ability, personality, and emotional intelligence
* Motivation and goal-setting
* Career goals, values, and ethics
* Diversity and culture
* Team and group processes
* Managing perceptions and conflict
* Leadership, power and influence
* Communication and feedback
* Career sustainability: managing relationships and stress

Readings covered:
* Upsides to Dark and Downsides to Bright Personality
* The Power of Small Wins
* What Monetary Rewards Can and Cannot Do
* Follow Dubious Orders or Speak Up
* Making Better Career Decisions
* Understanding Our Differences
* Managing Multicultural Teams
* The Double‚Äźedged Sword of Diversity
* Teams in Organisations
* The Secrets of Great Teamwork
* A Second Chance to Make the Right Impression
* Optimizing Team Conflict Dynamics for High Performance Teamwork
* Managing in the New Millennium
* How does Leader Humility Influence Team Performance? Exploring the Mechanisms of Contagion and Collective Promotion Focus
* Listening and Responding to Others
* Improving Acute Stress Responses - The Power of Reappraisal
* Networking in the 21st Century

Includes lecture notes and readings