Semester 2, 2017

Public Law summary notes

39 pages

21,721 words




Course summary notes for Public Law. Includes the following topics:

- The Constitution, its structure and principles.
- Amendment of the Commonwealth Constitution.
- Representation of the people in the legislature.
- The Right to Vote.
- Qualification and Disqualification of Members of Parliament and disputed elections.
- The Executive & The Governor-General/Governor.
- Introduction to executive power, Executive power conferred by statute & Prerogative Powers.
- Nationhood Power.
- The capacities of the Executive – the powers to contract and spend.
- Access to Government documents, Freedom of information & Production of documents ordered by House.
- Rule-making accountability.
- Fourth Arm of Government – Integrity Bodies.
- The separation of powers and the meaning of judicial power.
- The separation of powers (continued) and its effect on federal judges and federal courts.
- State courts and the exercise of judicial power.
- Federal detention of individuals and the exercise of legislative and judicial power.
- Matters and standing before the courts.

Does NOT include revision, exam preparation or problem-solving seminars.




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