Semester 2, 2017

Distinction Summary Notes for Torts and Contracts II

29 pages

6,726 words




These notes include scaffolds, summaries and are designed to help you prepare your unit outline for the closed-book LAWS1017 exam.

They cover:
Vitiating Factors in Contract:
Rescission and Limitations
Undue Influence
Unconscionable Conduct; Unjust Contracts; Unfair Contract Terms
Mistake; Non Est Factum
Misrepresentation at Common Law
Misleading conduct under Statute

Tortious Interference with Goods
Intentional Economic Torts
Pure Economic Loss – general concerns
Pure Economic Loss from Negligent Misstatements
Pure Economic Loss from Professional Negligence to Contractual Parties and Third Parties
Pure Economic Loss from Damage to Third Party Property
Pure Economic Loss from Injury to Third Parties
Pure Economic Loss from Defective Structures and Products

Extending Liability:
Vicarious Liability
Non-Delegable Duties
Multiple wrongdoers: Joint and Several Liability and Proportionate Liability

They do not contain detailed case summaries.




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