Semester 1, 2018

ACC2400 Comprehensive Notes

73 pages

19,165 words




These notes cover everything required and is a combination of both the lectures and textbook. ACC2400 is a unit that is definitely more theory dense than most but teaches a lot less of the theory than required for the actual exam.

These are a comprehensive set of notes and cover absolutely everything you need to know for the exam - including the theory on weekly excel teachings!

Topics include:
- Overview of AIS and Transaction Processing
- Transaction Processing and ERP Systems
- Ethics, Fraud and Cybercrime
- Control and Accounting Information Systems
- Controls for Information Security
- Confidentiality, Privacy and Processing Integrity
- Systems Documentations Techniques
- Revenue Cycle
- Expenditure Cycle
- Production Cycle
- Systems Development and Analysis
- Systems Design, Implementation and Operation




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