Semester 1, 2018

HD+ (89) Administrative Law Notes INCLUDING Scaffolds and Answers to Past Questions

129 pages

69,640 words




A lot of material from previous years is no longer relevant/taught - these are the latest and most comprehensive administrative law notes and include scaffolds at the tail end ( step-by-step guide on what to write in an exam situation), answers to previous questions given by lecturers and also all the relevant cases/extracted ratios.
Received an 84 in the mid-semester and 89 overall for this subject.
Topic List;
1. Introduction to Administrative Law
2. Merits Review
3. Judicial Review - Jurisdiction
4. Standing - brief.
5. Review of Regulations
6. Procedural Fairness - Implication, Content of the Fair Hearing Rule and the Rule Against Bias
7. The 'Considerations Grounds', Unauthorised purposes, Acting Under Dictation, Policies, Delegation
8. Unreasonableness and Uncertainty
9. Errors of Law and Fact - Objective/Subjective Jurisdictional Facts
10. Jurisdictional Error
11. Remedies
12. Express Statutory Obligation to give a written statement of reasons
13. Revision
14. Scaffolds