Semester 1, 2018

INFS1000 Comprehensive Notes - HD

37 pages

12,045 words




Complete notes (Mid Term Exam and Final Exam), which includes lecture summaries that have been been supplemented with required readings.

INFS1000 Topics Covered in Notes:

1. Introduction to Information Systems
2. Business Processes
3. Competitive Advantage
4. Databases and Information
5. Data (ERD) Modelling
6. Ethics
7. Business Process Management
8. BPMN Modelling
9. Process Improvement
10. E-Business and Web
11. Business Intelligence
12. Collaboration and Social Media

Please note there are only 12 topics, as the final lecture was a recap. Also, note that in the notes topics 7 and 8 have been combined because there was a lot of overlap.




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