Semester 1, 2018

IMMU2101 Comprehensive Lecture Notes- All Topics

73 pages

16,464 words




These notes cover all lecture material, including select diagrams from assigned textbook and additional images to assist with understanding the material. Helpful definition boxes etc make notes easy to read and understand. Topics Included:
- Immune System Overview
- Principles of Innate Immunity
- Principles of Adaptive Immunity
- Anatomy of the Immune System
- MHC Molecules
- Protein Antigens
- How B Cells ‘See’ Antigens
- T Cell Receptors
- Activation of T-Cells
- Types of T Cell Responses
- T Cell Responses to Intracellular Bacteria
- B Cell Activation
- Helper T Cells and Humeral Immunity
- Antibodies
- Complement
- Immune Response to Virus
- The Basis of Vaccination
- Overreaction of the Immune System
- Transplantation Immunology
- Primary Immunodeficiencies
- Tumour Immunology




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