Semester 2, 2017

PSY465 - Theories of Counselling Notes

51 pages

10,000 words



- Lecture and Workshop notes (see Topic List below); PLUS
- FREE Summarised notes for lighter reading; PLUS
- FREE Short-Answer Questions AND Answers

Topic List:
• Lecture 1: Introduction; and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
• Lecture 2: Humanistic (Person-Centred) Therapy; and Family Systems Therapy
• Lecture 3: Psychodynamic Therapy; and Psychotherapy Integration
• Workshops 1, 2 and 3: Practical counselling skills (notes from these workshops are meshed in a logical, sensical structure , as per the Five Stage Model; as opposed to being broken up in the workshop order that they were presented. The notes on counselling skills and the Five Stage Model make more sense and easier to read through this structure)
Note: the last Lecture/Workshop was the Exam/Viva

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