Semester 2, 2017

PSY471/PSYC771 - Ethics notes for Final Exam

50 pages

10,000 words




Ethics Lecture notes (see Topic List below) PLUS:
- FREE Summary notes for lighter reading; AND
- FREE Practice Short-Answer Questions with Answers

Topic List:
• Week 8: Registration and APS, CPD, Notifications (reports, complaints etc), Introduction to Ethical Frameworks, Professional Boundaries and Dual Relationships.
• Week 9: The ethics of informed consent, confidentiality and working with minors
• Week 10: 10 The ethics of sexual abuse, suicide, criminal behaviour and domestic violence
• Week 11: Professional Issues in Psychology 1: Evidence Based Practice, Notification Issues, and Therapist Self-Care

Please note that Week 12 lecture notes on National Registration & Professional Association (Guest Lecturer) is not included as this topic was not assessed in the exam.

I scored a HD in this subject.

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