Semester 2, 2017

PSY471/PSYC771 - Psychological Assessment notes for Midsession Exam

41 pages

10,000 words



- All Psychological Assessment notes from lectures prior to Midsession Exam. Topic List:
• Week 1: History of psychological testing, Ethical issues to do with psychological assessment.
• Week 1: Guest Lecturer (Audio Lecture) - Organisational Psychology (please note that the only Guest Lecturer notes included are the Org Psych ones, as this was the lecture I chose to write about in the exam SAQs - Guest Lecturer notes from Week 5 and 6 are not included)
• Week 2: General Issues: Theoretical and practical issues to do with the choice of a psychometric test (Carroll’s Three Stratum Model). Applied issue: Intelligence testing and theoretical underpinnings of IQ tests
• Week 3: General issue: Using theoretical models to guide our administration, scoring and interpretation practices. Applied issue: Using the WAIS-IV
• Week 4: General issues: The Science of test interpretation and how to communicate your findings with your client

- Includes 3 FREE Practice Essay Questions AND Answers to cover (1) Week 1, (2) Weeks 2/3 and (3) Week 4 material, incase the exam question is focused on one of those particular weeks

I scored FULL marks in this exam based on these notes and practice essays.

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