Please note: - that I did not attend Uni SA but I am a professional tutor and lecturer in Contract Law. - that these notes cover the ENTIRE TEXTBOOK assigned for this course except chapter 1 (which is introductory). Overview: This set of notes is great if you are interested in learning material outside of what is required of you in this course. I can assure you that it will help you understand the subject matter in greater deal and bring together your learning on concepts assessable in the course. The additional material covers topic like: - Restitution; - Specific performance and injunctions; - Incapacity; - Illegality; - Formalities; and - Estoppel. These notes were originally designed for class participation when I was a student (for which I received 95%) but have been updated over time for use as a tutoring and lecturing resource. I have now tutored/ lectured using them for the past 5 years, so I can guarantee their quality. You may find that I go beyond the textbook in some areas and also bring in materials from other areas of the text to help explain concepts. They provide a detailed analysis of the material and cases and will be a useful resource for learning the course content, participating in class discussions and completing assessment. They have been updated to be consistent with the latest edition (13th ed.) of the textbook for this class.


Semester 1, 2016

212 pages

111,745 words



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