RMIT LAW2453 Notes Hi everyone, these are the taxation notes which I wrote and revised throughout the semester. Furthermore these notes were revised to ensure they'd be suitable for use in exams. Using these notes for the exams I was able to achieve coming in as one of the top 10 students for the semester. It is important to note that these notes do not include taxation of partnership/individuals/companies tax return for a very good reason. In your lecture/tutorial they go through past exam question of these tax returns done and income tax is calculated. I brought my question/answer in to the exam and did it in the exam steps. That is much recommended than writing up notes for them as you can have the same lay out when you get a question on completing a tax return. Also recommend getting some colour sticky notes once these are printed off so it is easier to find certain sections in the notes. These notes have also been passed on to some of my friends who did minimal study throughout the study and received a credit for the subject using my notes in the exam.


Semester 2, 2013

30 pages

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