Semester 1, 2017

High Distinction Evidence Law Notes

78 pages

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I am a previous LSS tutor at Monash. I achieved a High Distinction in Evidence law in S1 2017 using only these notes in the exam. My notes incorporate lecture notes from Fiona Hum's stream and tutorials for all weeks of the semester so it's UNLIKELY THAT YOU'LL HAVE TO DO MUCH FURTHER STUDY. The notes are well-structured and easy to follow, which will set you up for success in the exam. I use them to tutor students who have also done well in this subject!

I cover:
- Relevance
- Competence and compellability
- Privilege
- Examination of witnesses
- Character and credibility
- The accused's right to silence
- Tendency/coincidence evidence
- Hearsay
- Admissions
- Opinion evidence




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