Semester 1, 2018

Final Exam Notes

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Covers all topics covered in Human Biology, essentially an overview of different body systems, functions and roles.

List of all topics covered:
Module1_W1L2 - Is nutrition a unique determinant of health?
Module1_W2L4 - Nutrients It's a balancing act
Module1_W2L5 - Food is a complex fuel
Module1_W3L6 - Digest this
Module1_W3L7 - Digestion in a system Microbiome
Module1_W4L8 - Break it down and build it up
Module1_W4L9 - Hangry - the way the body regulates blood glucose
Module2_W5L11 - Is muscle just for show
Module2_W6L1 - Talking Cells: The Nervous System
Module2_W6W2 - Talking Cells: The importance of the blood
Module2_W7L1 - Talking Cells Take my breath away - Moving Oxygen
Module2_W7L2 - Talking Cells We don't skip a beat - the cardiovascular system
Module2_W8L1 - The Cardiovascular System
Module2_W8L2 - The Respiratory System
Module3_W9L1 - The Yin and Yang of Human Defense
Module3_W9L2 - Innate Immunity and Inflammation
Module3_W9L3 - Adaptive Immunity
Module3_W10L1 - Immunology in Human Disease
Module_W10L2 - Where does the waste come from and how is it removed?
Module4_W11L1 - The grandparent effect
Module4_W11L2 - Sex
Module4_W12L1 - Sex & Death
Module4_W12L2 - Disease & Inheritance I - Genetics and Personal Genomics
Module4_W13L1 - Disease & Inheritance II




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