Semester 1, 2018

Construction Law notes (HD: 81)

53 pages

16,339 words



Includes full lecture summaries, my own research and textbook notes. Also includes helpful tables, perfect for the exam.
W1: Overview of construction and causes of conflicts
W2: (i) Theory of conflict (ii) Role of the construction contract in the avoidance, management and resolution of construction disputes
W3: (i) Introduction to DAPs (ii) Dispute Resolution Boards
W4: (i) DABs & DRAs (ii) The future of DAPs
W5: (i) Introduction to ADR (ii) Negotiation & Mediation
W6: (i) Senior Executive Appraisal & Expert Determination (ii) Early Neutral Evaluation & ADR Hybrids
W7: (i) Key Elements of a system of binding dispute resolution (ii) Adjudication
W8: (i) Arbitration (ii) Litigation
W9: (i) Best Practice in the Avoidance, Management & resolution of construction disputes




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