Semester 2, 2018

Property 1 VERY detailed HD notes

77 pages

45,723 words




Very detailed notes, all main cases including summaries, clear heading and page references given to the set text books if more detail is needed. All you will need for the exams. Topics include: 1. Property rights and classifications.
2. Nature of Land
3. Doctrine of Fixtures Including: Accession / Intermixture / Encroachments / Crops and Trees.
4. Possession, Seisin and Title: Including Adverse Possession.
5. Fragmentation of Proprietary Interests in Land: Estates (Tenancy / Freeholds / Limiting Events / Life Estates and Waste)
6. Native Title: Establishment, Common Law and Compensation.
7. Acquisition and Transfer of Property Interests: Legal and Equitable interests in land / Relief and Part Performance / Equitable Estoppel.
8. Competing Proprietary Interest in Land.
9. Torrens: TLA (Transfer Land Act) / Indefeasibility of Title (IOT) / Caveats and Compensations.